Hey, I'm Jaap Vergote!

I help founders grow companies, love to sell,
build sideprojects, and have an interest in all things tech and VC.

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My work

Selling software @ Contentflow & Yields.io

Past: Campo - Helping landowners to monetize their land with popup campsites. Co-Founder.

Showpad - B2B sales enablement platform. Sales.

Always: Sideprojects: The Garage, Arbitrage

My give: helping founders sell

Simply put, I'm a barrel. Give me a goal and I will execute.

My hard skill is sales and sales process. Need help writing good outbound emails? A scalable sales process? Strategize and execute GTM? Happy to help!

+ I can intro you to some really good UX/UI designers

My ask: meeting founders and VC's (NYC is a +)

Which founder needs help with sales?

VC looking for deals? I might know some people working on interesting things

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