Hey, I'm Jaap Vergote!

I help founders grow companies, love to sell,
build sideprojects, and have an interest in all things tech and VC.

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My work

Exploring what's next

Past: Campo - Popup campsites. Founder.

Showpad - B2B sales enablement platform. Sales.

Always: Sideprojects: The Garage, Arbitrage

My give: helping founders

Simply put, I'm a barrel. Give me a goal and I will execute. I have experience doing this in sales/customer development, product and operations.

Product: UX interviews, initial traction and design. I know front end web code.

Operations: Getting stuff done. I'm a force of nature at prioritizing and executing.

My ask: meeting founders and junior VC's (NYC is a +)

Which founders do you know that are early stage and need help?

Do you know VC's looking for help? Let me send them dealflow or do some number-crunching

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